Innovative Architecture for a Better Environment
Learning from the Past
Innovative Architecture for a Better Environment
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Innovative Architecture for a Better Environment
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Our Projects

Sustainable, functional and appealing to the audience and satisfaction of the client is what our goals are for the design, implementation and completion of each project. Forming a responsive solution to the client’s needs based on collaborative relationships with the client, the engineering team and the respective municipal departments is the basis for long-term satisfaction with each project. HWA approaches each project by assembling the most experienced team to define and thoroughly address the project’s requirements. HWA is recognized for its commitment to excellence in architecture through the many completed projects in office, retail, healthcare, automotive and industrial. Let us assist in taking your ideas to fruition.

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Our Team

Adaptability, creativity and teamwork have been an integral part of our office structure since our inception. Each member of our team is skilled and talented which builds a strong relationship, creating positive impacts in developing, detailing and finalizing projects we design. Our commitment to keep positive work relationships with team members reflects in our culture we share with our clients.


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